I dredged up a picture of the yellow painting mentioned in the previous post!

Untitled (13 of 25), 2005, Mixed Media on Paper, 8½ x 8½”

It turns out it’s not the same electric yellow at all. So, as far as I can tell, I’ve never worked with that super bright yellow before. In case you forgot what the yellow in question looks like, it looks like this:

Was that the color of Flubber? It’s so acidic. It looks like it would burn your hands. Don’t worry it didn’t burn my hands or anything. It’s only watercolor. I’m just saying, if I were in a Sci-Fi movie with it, I wouldn’t want to touch it, because I would know, it would burn my hands or turn them into lightsabers.

You know, Lily Lightsaberhands could be a great movie–but only if it was done in an Edward Scissorhands meets Cool Hand Luke kind of way. Hum, how would I eat all those hard-boiled eggs if my hands were lightsabers? Pie contest style? Isn’t abstraction fun?

PS I love italics because they’re the best!