Sub/Limen Projects provides original affordable artworks inspired by nature, science, design, the microscopic, the cosmic, the comic, the underwater, Embodyoga, anatomy, meditation, and anywhere patterns are found.

Sub/Limen Projects is brought to you by Lily Vose-O’Neal. Lily was born and raised in the breathtaking coastal village of Woods Hole, Massachusetts, where she attended the Children’s School of Science, beach-combed, collected specimens, and experienced bioluminescence. She learned to sew, sail, and tie knots. Lily studied art at The Cambridge School of Weston and Bennington College. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Lily is a graduate of, and former assistant teacher in, the Yoga Center Amherst’s Advanced Embodyoga Teacher Training Program. She considers art-making a type of research and invention, a kind of science fiction, as well as a form of worship.

She divides her time between Los Angeles and Woods Hole.

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